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Originally Posted by getter77 View Post
I reckon these things will sway wildly in the years going forward as the Roguelike scene enlivens solidly past the "perceived" stagnation/slow growth.

Vanilla is clearly livening up around here though, and I'd suspect is on track to make some significant inroads for 2012, if not earlier, as far as this polling and general awareness goes.
That's what worries me. Angband has been developed enormous speed in last year or two and still that low number of votes. It should have more votes from people from here alone.

Maybe that "fast development" has actually driven people off the game, not the other way around. Also my perception about game development currently is that nothing is getting done for actual game, only to coders new playground the v4. At least I haven't heard that anything in it is even considered for actual game. That leads to perceived stagnation as you so accurately put it.

So: those that know what is happening don't vote because they do not like the current vanilla, and those that don't know what is happening perceive it as stagnate game.

I hope that is a wrong impression.
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