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Originally Posted by Timo Pietilš View Post
Also my perception about game development currently is that nothing is getting done for actual game, only to coders new playground the v4. At least I haven't heard that anything in it is even considered for actual game. That leads to perceived stagnation as you so accurately put it.
People can't have it both ways. v4 was created because there were lots of complaints that V was changing too fast. So V will be changing much more slowly in future - if that's perceived as "stagnation", that's too bad. It's actually what people asked for.

Those who have been paying attention will see that bugfixes are consistently ported from v4 back to V because nobody objects to bugs being fixed. Beyond that, neither V nor v4 has seen much activity in the last couple of months because devs are all busy with RL. Anyone who wants to make uncontroversial changes to V, or make changes to v4 which they want to demonstrate are so popular that they can get ported back to V, is very very welcome to do so. We still, as always, welcome pull requests from additional devs - anyone is welcome to join the devteam at any time.
"3.4 is much better than 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3. It still is easier than 3.0.9, but it is more convenient to play without being ridiculously easy, so it is my new favorite of the versions." - Timo Pietila
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