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On vote getting: For example, Dungeons of Dredmor and ToME 4 leverage social media/twitter followers/etc to let people know that the vote even exists and hopes their energized fanbase will head to the site and get counted.

Angband, thus far, lacks that "media" angle that can make some waves to get picked up by Rock, Paper, Shotgun or anywhere else that PC gaming folk a tad outside the mainsteam are apt to pay attention to and gain new bookmarks/twitters/etc to follow based on whatever interesting story.

Part of this is a long-standing perception issue of Angband = Grind same as Nethack = Complex, whereas the lack of updates to the latter, Nethack base at least, counts towards the mystique of it all yet that there HAS been updates to the former never seem to break past the "Grind" perceived aspect as it dwarfs the lot of it.
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