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Originally Posted by nryut View Post
Yay for the new release!
The change list is quite cool.
It's kinda sad, though, that heavy weapons lost their utility -- it was an interesting choice to make with Stun and Knockback dependent on weight. It looks like in the new version a greatsword, in most cases, will be strictly inferior to a bastard sword -- even if you employ Charge.
It is true that bastard swords will be better relative to greatswords with this change than before, and they they will still be good at higher strengths than we'd ideally like. This was part of the drawback to simplifying the rule (which quite a few people asked for). It will definitely make things simpler for new players though.

As to your exact wording, a typical bastard sword in Sil weighs 4 lb. Charge gives a +3 str bonus. So for a charging Str 2 character, a greatsword will probably do more damage (at least before criticals). About 45% of bastard swords weigh less than 4 lb, so for those even a charging Str 1 character might prefer the greatsword. A character with charge and Str 4 will probably want a greatsword that is at least 7 lb (i.e. not lighter than usual). I think there will still be quite a bit of play where people would like weapons even heavier than 7 lb. Also, there are potions of strength and herbs of rage to consider, which also give bonuses to strength, as well as many pieces of equipment.
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