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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Are they underrated in the sense of being too weak, or in the sense that the groupthink tends to avoid using them? I seem to recall a post saying that they were very useful if you bothered to invest in them. The two have very different fixes: one requires changes to the game, the other to the players.
I don't think it's either. Personally I always carry a stack of throwing axes from the moment I find them - they are still useful even in the endgame, the problem is that they get lost/destroyed. Hugo and debo have both spoken in favour of throwing weapons and I when I look at WildKhaine's dumps he's usually carrying them. So the current community appreciate them a lot. They aren't the focus of characters however, so not often mentioned.

Congrats and thanks for the new version to half and Scatha, it was a nice surprise.
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