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Originally Posted by Scatha View Post
Good opportunity for a competition character?

I agree with Scatha about polearms being strong enough -- though I'm also not completely sure. I think their main disadvantage is that the artefact swords are excellent and the artefact polearms are merely very good. However, this is how we want to keep things as the swords are much more famous in the books.

A few points about polearms:

- One thing that makes swords (or axes) good is that Elves (or Dwarves) get a melee bonus with them. This makes it a bit harder for polearms to compare to the race's favoured weapon. It also means that polearms will be a bit better compared to other weapons for Edain (though the Edain will still be less powerfull overall).

- Polearms work well with passing your turn. This gives natural synergies with Blocking, Focused Attack, and to a lesser extent Controlled Retreat. Unfortunately since all but one are two-handed, it is only for regular Spears that Blocking can be used.

- Polearms work very well with Knock Back. I think this is their best synergy and I definitely would have built towards this.

- Compared to other weapons, polearms might work less well with Flanking, since you want to stay still, not to move.

- If you have Polearm Mastery, Focused Attack, then ZOC and Riposte do work well, as you can spend the turn passing and still get your attack. I suppose Opportunist is similar. It might even work well with Cruel Blow to make the enemies confused so they trigger free attacks.

- One of the best synergies is Smithing. It lets you make a starting Glaive (which are otherwise rare) and lets you make a fancy one later. It also lets you make one with a carefully chosen weight, which will help with getting criticals.
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