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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
For "why polearms", presumably because they have the most reach out of all of the melee weapons and thus the greatest potential to react to enemies getting close to you. Imagine trying to approach someone who has a spear when they can keep the spear pointed at you at all times. You're not going to get as close as if they were armed with a sword.
Sure, which is why you get a free hit when an enemy approaches you if you are armed with a polearm (and know polearm mastery). But you don't get the free hit just by *knowing* the skill, you have to actually wield a polearm. Similarly, I could imagine getting Zone of Control with Polearms as a pre-requisite if you were actually wielding a polearm, but that is not a requirement.

edit: actually, that's not a bad idea. If polearm-mastery gave you ZOC in addition to the free-hit while wielding a polearm (only), that might make up for the difficulties of using polearms. It might be *too* powerful, but it's an interesting notion.

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