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Originally Posted by BlueFish View Post
A few situations I think should gradually become easier after failure, turn by turn: moving in a certain direction while confused, escaping from pits, and escaping from webs.

As it stands, pits present a reasonable possibility of insta-death for low evasion, high protection builds, long before that low evasion and high protection becomes otherwise non-viable. Pits just make the build less fun.
No real opinion on the proposal, just: If you have some turns time to react it isn't instant. At least you can try some of the available options: staff or song of freedom (this magical pit removal is not very well known I guess), dexterity (pit) or strength (web) potion or free action (web only?) instead. (Or staff of majesty / trumpet of terror / Elbereth to push opponents away. Or trumpet of blasting downwards.) And you probably have high enough strength to escape from webs anyway.

As I regularly play the other end of the spectrum I found the genuine instant deaths are on offer there. Via entrancement (way more dangerous if you rely on evasion) or via chest traps it is fairly easy to die in a single round.
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