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Originally Posted by BlueFish View Post
I'm trying to introduce into our vocabulary the idea of "insta-death" carried out over multiple turns. An insta-death instigated by a single event (such as falling into a pit) which starts a succession of low-probability saving throws, or maybe we should just say death throes.
An inescapable death?

If enough people think this issue with pits is a problem, we could implement something like your solution. We already have situational bonuses/penalties and number of attempts so far could be one. It would require savefile changes and would make pits/webs quite a lot less bad for low evasion players (perhaps too easy?). I'm not sure. I generally like it if playstyle leads to different things being big challenges and requiring different adaptations (e.g. a source of Freedom for low-evn characters) so am reluctant to over-smooth things out. Another simple option could be to start pits occurring a little deeper.
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