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Question about unlocking chests

Based on my reading of the code, a chest's "defense" versus being opened is the following:

(level chest was generated on / 4) + 6

"level chest was generated on" can be increased by up to about 4 depending if it's a special chest in a vault or special room.

This is a standard skill check, meaning player rolls D10, adds his Perception, and compares to chest's D10 + its defense, which is the above formula (based on what I see in the code).

So I did the math a bit and found that it seems like I'm having way more trouble than I should be. The chest's defense would have to be 9 greater than my Perception for it to be impossible. I just did a wizard mode game where I created a ridiculous melee character with mediocre perception and dove till I found a chest. It was in a special room so let's say it was +4 levels. I found it at level 6 (300'), so let's say it was level 10. (In the code I take it this is its "pval".)

so its defense should have been 10/4 + 6 which is 9 max, depending on rounding.

let's say it was 9. My perception was 4. I failed opening it 500 straight times, which means the skill check was actually impossible. Then I added one to my Perception, bringing it to 5. I finally succeeded in opening it after over 100 tries. About what I would expect if its defense exceeded my Perception by 8, which gives a 1% chance of opening. (I rolled a 10, chest rolled a 1.) Which would put its defense at 13.

How does a chest found at 300' get a defense of 13 based on the above formula? What am I missing? I guess it would all make sense if there was no "divided by four", but that's in the code.
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