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Based on my reading of the code, this is a bug. It unintentionally adds 5 difficulty to the following actions (since sil 1.0 presumably)

Finding a secret door
Opening a locked door
Finding a trap
Disarming a trap
Opening a locked chest

The common thread is the call to "no_light()", which calls the macro "player_can_see_bold(y, x)", which works but for one case: when it's called for the player's current square. Throughout the code, only no_light() cares whether player_can_see_bold works for the player's current square.

To fix this, you'd change the following in cave.c:

void update_view(void)
/* Assume viewable */
info |= (CAVE_VIEW | CAVE_FIRE);

To add in the "CAVE_SEEN" flag, which is what player_can_see_bold checks for.

I can't verify this since I can't compile the code, but based on my reading of it, that's the bug.

I hope I'm not the only one to have ever had the subjective impression that it's absurdly difficult to disarm traps and open chests and find secret doors...
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