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I'll have to check the code about what you say, but I do know that there is a (I assume deliberate) +5 in the code: if you have not identified the lock (and/or trap) on the chest, you get a +5 difficulty. It used to be that LoreMastery would identify the lock just like it identified anything else, but that got removed at some point. Now, you need to use the "secret tech" method of using a Staff of Understanding to identify the chest (and its lock/traps). Once you can see the lock/trap, you no longer have the extra +5 penalty.

At least, that's the way I remember it.

The part that annoys me is that I never seem to be able to spot the lock/trap on a chest no matter how many times I search for it. It seems that the Staff is the only way to find them. (?)

[As long as I'm bitching .. I'd also like it if there was an explicit "search" command key, even if it doesn't actually do anything different than waiting with a '5'. The documentation refers to searching, and it would be nice if the command actually existed]
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