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I quite like chasms, especially for the asthetics of those deep level chasms where the whole level has massive jagged pits. Maybe moving the early chasms down 50' or 100' would relieve some of the frustration of losing your 2nd forge with a smith. That's the forge that seems to hurt the most on a smithing build.

Regarding leaping, I've never really bothered. It's a 1500 pt ability to me as I can't justify taking it over sprinting. I might try it out and get back to you. Seems you'd need a bow of radiance or listen on an archer to milk it properly.

With the boots it's again competing with sprinting. I'm never going to build them while there the same smithing requirement as speed boots. At 8 I might build them on a belegost. At 6 that's reachable with an Edan or easily tacked on to an artifact. They probably need to be more common, they're weaker than speed boots and I see them just as often.
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