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Originally Posted by nppangband View Post
Check out NPP. I am happy with the way they are generated, and their strength, and most of the code is clean and "Vanilla Angbandworthy". I think they are finally balanced to 1) dangerous, but not unfair/instadeath, 2) give an appropriate reward that make them worth fighting.

The only part that extremely ugly code (which I inherited from the old patch) is the way it stores the player_ghost names and depths of death. There are just a bunch of files in a folder that can be loaded. Instead, I want to changed so all of the default ghost templated are in an edit file that is loaded along with everything else in init.2. And then additional ghosts resulting from player deaths are added as a part of the savefile.

I plan on changing/improving this for NPP 0.6.0 when I break savefile compatibility. Unless, of course, you all beat me to it and do your own player ghost patch. In that case, I will shamelessly piggyback on all your hard work.

Consistent with with any and all items on the Angband wishlist that are current features of NPP, I will happily code a patch for your consideration.

I will totally look at how these work in NPP and maybe try to code up something for V to test out. If I can get ghosts saved into the savefile properly, I will try to make sure NPP can pull this feature back.

If I have any ideas for how to improve player ghosts I'll definitely bounce those off you first.
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