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[Z]looking for help

I'm working on a char in zangband, so far it's been my most successful one yet but that isn't really saying a lot. I tried to make a char dump but it gave me a text file and I'm not sure how to upload it. Right now I'm a lv29 high elf sorcery rogue, hanging out at lv41(I've never been lower). I can list my resist since I don't have very many just acid cold and light with free action. I've got 82 AC and use the dagger of Fiona. what I'm looking for now is:

what resists should I get? I have some armor of resistance in my house but it's got 13 ac and my WDSM has 40.

it's starting to take an immense amount of exp to level, is there a good way to get up higher?

how do I make a dump if that will help?

if I come to an unfortunate end, what are the stronger race/class combos in zangband?
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