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Originally Posted by Avenger View Post
I think the maximum + depends on the variant.

MAngband used to have(and maybe still does, I'm not sure) some kind of infinite generation process, with each step becoming progressively rarer. There was a player who had dual +18s, which were obscene.
It's a coinflip system -- the ring starts with a level-dependent bonus, and then starts flipping coins. Every time it comes up heads, the ring gets +1 and the coin is flipped again; if it comes up tails, then it stops. At 4450', I'm pretty sure you hit at or near the cap on the level-dependent bonus, which I think is +10. Which means that to get to +23 you need to pass 13 consecutive coinflips, at odds of 1 in 8192. So, pretty rare, but by no means impossible.

What would be really impressive is getting that ring at 50'.
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