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Some advice: Most of the experience you get will be from using unidentified items and most of the items you will get will be from the floor, so that is what you should focus on. AC is quite important. You die when your wound points run out rather than your hit points, but this is really a limiter on dive length and nothing more, you still are in a whole lot of trouble when your HP runs out.

For builds, you really need to look at the helpfiles to understand the skill tree and what to raise to unlock the next skills, looking at dumps helps a lot too. If you want to use weapon combat, focus on raising the Neophyte/Standard/etc trees and then raise the "strike/blow" skills for increasing damage, the same goes for firearms and those skills. Martial arts only really needs the skills specific for it. For spellcasting, you should always raise Latin along with the occult tree or the prayer tree (or both, that is definitely viable). As a Rakshasa Naturalist this combo also has Dark Attunement from being a Rakshasa and all of the elemental skills a naturalist gets, I forget the specifics on these so you'll need to try them out for yourself.
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