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Originally Posted by droof View Post
Okay then, maybe this will make coding in C a little easier. Forget embedded languages and scripting languages. How about Cello from

It's native C. Usage is drop-in and optional. No embedding or rewriting anything. No additional language. It enables higher level programming in C with dynamic types, eliminates direct usage of pointers, functions accept and return dynamic types and it offers easy object list manipulation. In other words, it allows me to treat C like Python without Python, or like javascript with underscorejs.

Cello is non-standard and would have to be compiled alongside the code. Unless it's included in the codebase and make file, compiling would be more difficult because of this library.
What an interesting library! I have wondered about if you could do something like this with C so it's fun to find out someone has. Why people think a weak type system is a feature is beyond me though, it introduces a whole class of errors into your code that you can only detect at runtime.

I'm not sure what the benefits of Cello are over C++ though, and it has many disadvantages (no-one else uses it, it's ugly, only compatible with 2 compilers). You can do a lot of this stuff in C++ with much more readable syntax.
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