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I think the problem with C++ is that the language is huge. Different teams use different subsets of the language, which makes sharing or transferring code between teams more difficult.

I have most problems in C with int-to-pointer-to-int situations. I get segfaults for wrong type conversions in multiple places in code. Then I have to deal with multiple data types for integers and strings, that's a headache. What's wrong with just using 1 int data type and 1 string data type that'll work on most common systems for most common situations and make life in coding a bit easier?

For the configuration vs scripting for modules, scripting is easier to implement, but more difficult to maintain. Configuration is easier to maintain, but more difficult to implement depending on the amount of allowed flexibility. Maybe something like YAML or ToML could bring more readability and flexibility to the config files while standardising the config parser. I still think independent room generators or multiple independent AI "personalities" are better off in scripting, but not necessarily Lua.
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