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I have some success with using data types limited to int, uint, char, uchar and the cptr and vptr pointer types. Slowly I'm getting better at this, very slowly.

I've played a bunch of Z+Angband and Debian's patched Zangband 2.7.5. Z+Angband has more modern features, but I'm not having much fun playing it. I don't like Z+Angband.

What captures my imagination in Zangband is exploration and the possibility of a quest centric game, more like how a skyrim or world of warcraft would play. Right now, quests are rare, but I can tweak the game so that towns have multiple castles and a selection of multiple quests. I would also be interested in adding more houses with mini-games, like the casino.

The problem I have with Z+Angband is that most quests are kill quests, requiring me to clear out levels while searching for all hidden doors and find that last monster. These quests are no fun for me and they are always too high level for my character, so I'm often forced to level up in the main dungeon.

Zangband 2.7.5 is much more open-ended in quests. Hunt down a bounty, make a delivery, discover a place or retrieve an item, as a player I can pick my own quests and complete them however I feel like. Meanwhile I discover more of the world and find interesting sites on the map like ruins, camps and clearings. Each with their own dangers and rewards. Increasing the number of quests here could work and having the character advance through the quests. The rewards probably need re-balancing then. I'd add more mini-games. Maybe porting over some of the friendband speech and town themes to give the game more personality, because now it's just "some world with towns with blubbering idiots". Shouldn't be too difficult to improve on that and I have the util code anyway

Z+Angband has more modern features, but if I'm going to make small changes while learning C and enjoying the playthroughs, I'd have to pick old Zangband instead. I don't think I can achieve that with small changes in vanilla Angband, not yet at least.
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