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I can't answer this directly, but I can attempt to provide some oblique answers.

Hellband as a Cthangband fork has some opinionated alterations to system-level stuff, I believe cthangband was designed to be run primarily on windows machines. If you get a reference copy of unaltered angband (probably the version cthang forked from, I'd guess a 2.8 or 2.9) all the system level stuff will be exhaustively commented on and there will be a __USE_POSIX flag somewhere I'm pretty sure. I know I've seen them in some variants.

Possibly related, possibly unrelated, occasionally on live the hellband process don't respond to the kill signal and I have to reptyr them. This happened a few times one day but I'm not sure what or why is the problem, I think it was in-game crashes on that day.
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