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Exclamation uh ... bug report?

So, it was my understanding that monster memory works like this:
you see a new monster, you shoot the monster with a fireball, the monster resists, the memory gets updated.

And, by extension that all elements exist as potential resists/ does not resist flags. So if i breathe shards on Ulfang and he doesnt resist them, the monster memory would get updated with "does not resist shards".

But, i have noticed lately that (on 4.1.2) monster memories do not get updated; when i look at the m.m. i get things like " X does not resist Acid" but then i attack them with a not-listed element and the m.m. does not change.

I just shot a patriarch with Explosion and the m.m. does not tell me if he does or doesnt resist shards. Sure, i can read it from the messages, but, should it not work as i described?
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