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Originally Posted by ShadowTechnology View Post
Hey Qwarl. Let me know when you figure out the whole satellite latency thing.
It's really very simple. Once a standalone client capable of playing through an electron interface online and offline is created, since the angband prng is deterministic, a local copy of the savefile begun on the server can be copied to your local drive and played in a local copy of angband. Then you can take moves in advance, and the server can play out the same moves in the same order upon receiving your keystrokes, and occassionally verify that the identical savefile subject to identical moves remains identical between sessions. Then people would watch the isomorphic game on the server subject to the latency, while the game you're actually playing updates on the spot.

Figuring this stuff out isn't that hard, it's all the incremental steps required to build towards it which are.
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