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So I am trying this, and got lucky early.
* Forasgil at DL 15 (this is a great weapon, but not ideal for blackguard)
* MHDSM at DL 23
* Aranruth at DL 26. +4 DEX and 3d5 dice makes this a very good weapon, but not as good as ...
* .. Eorlingas at DL 28. This has +2 DEX/STR/speed.

Even with 1.6 blows (as I started with) Eorlingas was doing 150 vs evil. It is now doing 444 damage against most monsters (with Poison brand spell); against evil it does 336. And I still only have 3.8 blows. So it has a ways to go. I've been using Rilia against weak disenchanters to preserve it. Not fighting many strong disenchanters yet.

I also got a Speed ring +8 at DL 44 (from Mim) and speed boots +6 at DL 46. And Arkenstone at DL 61 from Saruman (whom I killed from a distance.) And finally, I got a memorable Elven cloak of the Magi from the black market (with ESP.) One of the best BM purchases I have ever made.
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