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Choices, choices

After losing my previous attempt to an offscreen dracolisk, I am running another attempt with HE warrior, playing on an android phone. It is surprisingly playable, except the permanent monster list is unreadable in portrait mode.

I was leaning heavily on early finds of a rod of speed and Taratol. Taratol in particular let's me fight way above my weight--just killed an OOD storm wyrm at 3050'. That storm wyrm was in a medium vault with a GWoBalance and a few lesser threats. The net was a couple useful stat options, a 3rd rod of Detection, and an Amulet of ESP--my first source. And last but not least, Boots of Speed+10, also my first genuine source of speed (beyond a the occasional Elven cloak.)

A hat of ESP from the black market (24000 GP) on return to town rounds out the riches.

Unfortunately, until I replace my gloves, I am left without a good source of Free Action, other than a Katana of Gondolin I stashed early on. For the moment, it is a big step down from Taratol and Forasgil.
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