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Another update, same link as above


Class/race changes

Increased the level at which Jedi get AutoID and Precognition
Increased the level at which Berserkers get AutoID
Decreased the level at which Berserkers get Berserkers Recall
Jedi cannot have gods or pray
Dragons get -200 to sneakiness modifier
Berserkers now Aggravate
Jedi can ONLY wield lightsabers now as weapons
Non-jedi characters can't wear jedi robes or lightsabers
Mutants get -2 to speed at start
Mutants now have 4 ring slots
Easterlings start with antimagic
Berserkers get stunning blows skill
Jedi get to pick their choice of lightsaber at start
Phase-warriors get Wraith at level 15 instead of level 25

Skill Changes

Increased the Basilisk Kill power level to 40, and Kill Monsters power to 50
Jedi-Dodge now increases the Jedi skill
Jedi no longer given by FF
Glowing Orb o' Light increased to Level 25, since it's pretty devestating a level 1 power
Increased the mana usage and failrate for the Basilisk kill monsters power
Jedi Lightening bolt has a chance to fire a beam
Force Push and Pull now to BALL instead of BOLT
Decreased the fail rate of Force Kill

Object Changes

Most of the objects now have a description
Staffs of Wings of the Winds and Wands of the Essence of Speed no longer give bonuses to speed when wielded
Removed the map of forodwaith
Greatly increased the rarity and depth of Deathly, Light, and Chargeable items
Increased the depths of some of the randart powers
Jedi items are now found much deeper and are rarer
Increased the depth of Psychoactive skins

Bug Fixes

Battle Scarred Veteran and Mean Looking Mercenary now have proper hitpoints. No more UBERnasty Town monsters
Most monsters now give the correct experience, no more mega xp from killing simple monsters (Thanks to Zop)
Various other bugs and nuisances fixed by Zop
Chiokovos no longer have : in front of the name

Engine Fixes

ALL weapons now attack for multiarmed characters (Thanks to Zop)
New Module "Furyband G", one dungeon, uber-classes, no towns, how deep can you go?
The ADJUST_LEVEL_PLAYER flag for dungeons works now. Makes all monsters Player Level * 2.
No longer uses tome as the path internally
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