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Angband for Android has been updated! The new version can be downloaded from or from the Android Market.

It's been a while since the last release, but it's finally here. Most of the improvements for this version were contributed by Dan Vernon and Sergey Belinsky.

This latest version is much faster than the old version and is based on a newer version of Angband (3.1.2v2). It uses the Android Native SDK to get the most speed possible out of your mobile device. Not much has been done to enhance the app for touchscreen users. An Android device with hardware keyboard is still pretty much a necessity to play.

The previous version save file format is incompatible with this version. If you got upgraded and lost a character that you were playing, don't worry. The character isn't lost. You can downgrade to the previous version by clicking the link at with your phone's web browser. After you are done with your old character, you can upgrade again.

FYI, for Samsung Epic 4G owners, this version has improved display/font support for hi-res WVGA devices. Best looking mobile Angband ever I think. And since one of the devs (*ahem*) has an Epic there's a handy undocumented feature: the Emoticon key is mapped to the Control key.

support site with forums:

googlecode project page:

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