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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
I just discovered that this was released a few days ago - it's apparently a remake of the original UFO Defence / Enemy Unknown game from 1994. Has anybody here tried it? What often happens with these reboots is that the graphics and sound are updated to give it that cinematic feel, but the gameplay is either wholly dumbed-down or so faithfully reproduced that it still has all the irritating quirks of the original. Interested in anyone's view of how they've managed this issue. The original was one of my all-time favourite games.
There is a playable demo that you can download from their website. I suggest you try that before making any decision to buy. To me it looks like they have changed the strategic-portion of the game to eye-candy cinematics which would be very strong "no buy" for me. However I have not actually tried that yet.

I'm fan of xcom series, but have been too busy playing CIV 4 these few weeks to try that demo. CIV is scary, you lose your track of time completely with it. Luckily game can show you clock and you can set alarms to stop you from playing. Really bad case of "one more turn".
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