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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Regeneration greatly hastens the rate at which cuts cure, but IIRC all time-based HP recovery (natural and regeneration-based) halts when you have any cut or poison.
Yeah, my experience pretty much bears that out. I'm still deliberating my next move. Probably gonna be TO, since I'm near the stairs. ... Kavlax the many headed disappears!

I quaff a dropped !Heroism and then proceed to miss the displacer beast three times in a row with my bow of accuracy (+18, +8). I think that pretty much concludes my troubles with the Basilisk was a 'fluke' earlier and nothing more. Although, what is the to-hit on !heroism? I should probably know by now the differences between !Heroism, ?blessing/chant/prayer, and Berserk.

Wow, Aglarang is great against a Master Lich! Was hoping he wasn't gonna notice me walk by him, but he did, but I picked up another ring of damage right before he showed up, so I swapped the =rPois, hit him with a couple {flame, and then whomped on him with Aglarang. Thanks to Aglarang's Sustain DEX, just got myself some easy XP. He didn't even exp drain me or staff drain me. Amazing. Can't say I mind unintelligent monsters (pretty sure he was trying to drain my DEX).

@ said "aww" when I just ID'd a heavy xbow of power (+23). I'm like. Woohooo!!!!!

EDIT: Interesting unfolding of events. It's always the young dragons, I swear. Had teleported across a level and on the other side I get 4-8 feeling. Now I can tell there are no vaults cause I detected on both sides of the level. Ahh, crap, probably a stupid book. But I have found insane weapons lying on the floor at lower depths, so I say, what the hey, it can't be a book *every* time, right? Well, yeah, it Tensers. So I could have aborted mission as soon as I saw Tensers, especially since it and I were sharing space with a sleeping Drolem. But I'm thinking I can take the drolem since I have an =rPois and doing decent damage. I came all this way, I wanna see what the other red * are. Drolem gives me problems. For one, I forgot to look at his AC. If I had, I'm pretty sure I would not have fought him; and I'd either TO or Teleport myself and find the nearest >. Anwyay, I was forced to use both !heal. And then very riskally used a !CCW instead of a !*heal when he brought me to 105 and himself at just over half health. (I'm thinking at half health he is breathing for around 150). At least I didn't ?phase around the room, and ended up in other rooms. So eventually I kill him, thanks to a fat stack of !CLW. There were also a bunch of young white dragons in the room. What does one of them care to drop me? Nothing less than boots of speed <+10>. Got my 8 feeling item anyway.

Now, I know it's said level feeling doesn't affect drops, but I often get really good drops on levels with good feelings. In addition to the super boots, I just got chaos Elvenkind armor, !STR and !DEX from killing like 5 monsters.

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