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Just found Gorlim. At 6.8 blows a round and poor stealth it's tempting to wear it. I actually had a situation once, where my searching was so bad wearing Gorlim I actually couldn't search: "You can't make out your surroundings" or something like that whenever I'd try to search for a door. There is a ?*Enchant Armor in the black market I was considering buying in the event I find a good cursed item, but figured it wasn't likely I would so I didn't buy it. Might still be there, tho.

EDIT: And the curse is broken! I think I'll save it for later, though. Not sure I want aggravation without Telepathy, Detection or any high resists right now.

Jeez, Gorlim doesn't mess around. Every other turn casting a bolt of raw magic and incanting terribly!

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