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And I see I'm also gettin insanely fast Dragon armour generated although not found (playing the latest nightlies). This is just TOO good even for a randart. And Min Level is "only" 90.
the Gold Dragon Scale Mail of Nargilwil (-2) [28,+28] <+5, +15>
+5 constitution.
+15 speed.
Provides resistance to lightning, poison, dark, sound, nexus.
Sustains constitution.

When aimed, it breathes a cone of sound with width 20 degrees, dealing 150
damage at the source, which your device skill increases by 42 per cent.
Takes 50 turns to recharge.
Your chance of success is 92.6%

Min Level 90, Max Level 127, Generation chance 19, Power 623, 18.0 lbs
Random dragon armor of power 623.
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