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Originally Posted by half View Post
Thanks for explaining more detail about what is going on in your games for those who are puzzled as to why you seem to be getting about 10 times as much Con drain as some other players. I'm fine with you playing your games however you want, so I don't mind if you change the way violet molds work. I think your light solution is interesting, and that removing them, lowering their Will, or adding a prompt are reasonable options, even if I don't prefer them. However, it sounds like most of your complaints are better understood as 'violet molds are unreasonably dangerous if you play fairly carelessly at that depth', than 'violet molds are unreasonably dangerous'.
I disagree that they're better understood that way, half.

If we want to delve into why violet 'm's frustrate me more than apparently most, we can. The builds I play fully explore levels and spend about as much time as the game allows at the "danger zone" for violet molds: 150-250. This is pretty unavoidable for a slow-starting smith who really needs that second forge before he can brave the deeps, and who's highly motivated not to be chased off levels.

Builds which start with higher survivability can generally quickly dive past those depths; that would be the best way to play in any case even if you weren't motivated to skip by the molds. Melee/evasion characters that I've played did just that.
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