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Yes you can only identify consumables by use or selling/giving to a shop. There are no absolutely deadly consumables. The worst are; a temporary stat drain (mushroom of debility), summon monsters/undead (scroll or staff version), potion of salt water (if you have no immediate food options), or temporary ailment (blindness, slow, poison, etc.) I definitely wouldn't read or use un-IDed scrolls staves without being on stairs until the summoning versions have been identified (though staves of summoning don't seem to be an immediate worry with a new game.)

Whether undiscovered artifacts are gone or not is a birth option, but I think if you stood over the thing it might be gone regardless. Not sure though.

There are other potions that increase a stat without a swap and they start coming into depth about 10 levels deeper from the swap versions. I tend to drink the swaps until they are identified, take a chance on a couple of the ones I need after identification, and then just set them to ignore when the better ones come into depth. Really the game is usually generous enough that you can have all stats internally maxed (barring what is needed by equipment) by DL 80. It can be a bit trickier if you play with no recall and forced descent, but not by much. Playing ironman can make other consumables be an issue though unless you have cold/fire/acid immunity or take to stashing the end game consumables in safe places before picking them up prior to leaving the floor (don't do this if falling through a trap door or being hit with teleport level are realistic scenarios though.)

I like Druids. I killed Morgoth with the first Druid I tried (4.2.3) The transformation spells were only marginally useful for me (pukleman and eagleform in particular being useful), but they have decent damage spells and useful utility spells. My first few attempts at Necromancer ended in early deaths, so I haven't given them enough of a spin to comment.
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