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Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post has been updated with the latest version. The server seems to be playable even from EU, so feel free to try it.

Billsey, thank you very much!!

I wanna play PWMangband, but found this two critical issues:

1) I wanna assign my tileset to the game (I've tried graphical tilesets - they are nice, but my vision too bad to play with them

But when assigning tuleset in font-win.prf file:
feat:granite wall:*:1:148 - works
feat:granite wall:::148 - doesn't work

please make it to take default values from terrain.txt, if there is none assigned (as it is in MAngband or TomeNET).

2) bug in mangclient.ini
NumRows=7 doesn't work for [Term-1]
when I assign 7 rows there, after start it makes it again NumRows=12

It works in MAngband, but also got there a strange bug: after each restart game add one row to the value, EX: I put 5 and start the game - next time it would be 6 & etc. In MAngband I fixed it by making 'mangclient.ini' file 'only for reading' (in Windows 7 file properties). In PWMangnand it doesn't help...

Also it would be nice do not require password second time (when you login with your character)
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