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I agree with the others suggesting FCPB. However if anyone is specifically after poschengband this link appears to still work for me:

[quote author=andrewas link=topic=170531.msg7751867#msg7751867 date=1525389884]
[quote author=Piotrhabera link=topic=170531.msg7751738#msg7751738 date=1525381190]
I would very much appreciate a compiled verion of Poschengband. It does not matter what version it is, as long as it is good, I shall play it!

Try this:!Asycth9nrmPTrmjgKI957P_SYZiv

It probably depends on the visual c++ 2010 redistributable so if you get any errors about missing .dlls, install that.

(the quotes are from other games on the dwarf fortress forum, hence why they are broken)
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