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Alright, so this is another failed goal, due to Lorgan, Chief of the Easterlings summoning some monsters that almost screwed me over totally on D:40, which forced me to take a premature Recall back to town.

Complete N00b’s Journey: Part 2-7

Dropped all of the items that you mentioned, as well as bought some scrolls of recall. Until I get more WIS though, I don’t see how I can realistically get the regeneration intrinsic. Upon recalling to D:37, I got the Phial of Galadriel, which was an upgrade to my everburning Lantern, and dealt with Mim, betrayer of Turin, who damaged quite a bit of my equipment with his acid balls. He dropped a Fur Cloak of the Magi [3, +12] <+1 INT, +2 Stealth> to make up for the trouble, though. I also got to level 29 and found the Short Bow of Armas (x2) (+12, +15), a better Ring of Flames [+17], and a wand of fire bolts. I also cleared a bat vault there, where it contained a Long Bow of Lothlorien (x4) (+15, +13) <+3 DEX, +1 shooting power). D:38 proved to be *very* dangerous with a vault containing some very out of depth uniques such as Hoarmurath of Dir, the Queen Ant, and Kavlax the Many-headed. Suffice to say, I did not enter the vault and instead decided to go downstairs relatively quickly. D:39 was host to the Rapier ‘Forasgil’ (1d6) (+12, +19), a Potion of Constitution, and a marilith and a dark elf sorcerer which caused a LOT of trouble with their summons, and forced me to use almost all of my consumables. I did however, managed to dispatch them to get to level 30, and read-id a scroll of *Destruction* on the way out. D:40 had quite a few green dragons and Castamir the Usurper, which forced to use even more of my consumables. An encounter with a Death Drake there took off quite a bit of my exp, forcing me to use my lone scroll of Banishment to deal with them. I next moved to eliminate Nar the Dwarf, which dropped nothing. I picked up a fresh staff of Teleportation, a potion of Restore Life Levels to restore my lost Exp, and ran straight into Lorgan, chief of the Easterlings. Unfortunately, I was not able to kill him fast enough before summoning a nether wraith, forcing me to teleport around to recover from draining. However, I was able to kill the nether wraith, which dropped a welcomed potion of dexterity for me to quaff. However, Lorgan summoned an ancient multi-hued dragon, which prompted me to recall out of the dungeon for my life since it could kill me in one turn, and I was out of scrolls of phase door, bolts, and potions of Cure Critical Wounds. Once I reached the town, I bought 25 Scrolls of Phase Door, a scroll of *Destruction, a spare staff of teleportation, and 10 Seeker Arrows of Flame. With that, I concluded my run.

The next goal: Get to D:46 and clear it, or try to get as far as possible before I run out of Scrolls of Phase Door, healing potions, or missiles.

Which missile weapon is the best for me to use, out of the Heavy Crossbow and two types of Bows that I have? I plan to have at least 80 bolts or arrows the next time I go down there.

My wisdom stat is still garbage. Is it worth hanging around the current level to try to get potions of Wisdom or Contemplation before going down even further?

I still don’t have regeneration either besides the Defender Mace … what item should I be looking for to deal with this? I’d also like to know which items can provide the Hold Life attribute for experience drain, as I’m running into quite a few creatures that are draining my experience.

Nedandon’s status on the ladder has been updated, and any answers to the above questions are welcome!
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