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If you have hold life or access to !restore, you can think about fighting drainers; if not, those have to join the others on the long list of monsters to be avoided.

There is a hierarchy of importance on the way to and endgame character; the top tier includes free action and resist poison because lacking those poses the greatest danger of dying.

Other modifiers, while useful to have, are not essential and can be considered luxuries. This includes hold life and pconf. Getting confused increses the danger of death immediately, but as long as you have a staff of teleportation you are probably going to survive. Not having poison resistance when the drolem breathes means instant death by massive damage.

Many winners never have had hold life or pconf during their career, but I am sure everyone who killed M had resist fire or poison for the majority of their lifetime.

So dont look for hold life; look for things that bring you closer to being able to fight M, in your case its stat potions and a better weapon and pick up luxury mods if you find them lying by the way.

Your best weapon currently is Avavir, because of the +3 speed. This changes if you get more speed from other sources as the impact of +3 becomes less with higher base speed. Paur gloves can go.
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