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Originally Posted by murphy View Post
I agree best dungeon layout is letting your minions fight in a big room while you hide nearby

I dont remember summons appearing angry for this class, i dont think its a concern.

Summon spells are really only needed to get some starting forces when you enter a dungeon alone. The bulk of your army is built using the animate dead power. As your forces grow, you continue defeating stronger enemies, you reanimate fallen opponents, keep continuing this cycle and you can grow a powerful army!
My favorite summoning strategy is just running around with a posse of hasted archliches and relying on them to cast summon kin to get more and more liches. You can turn off 'allow attack spells' in the pet menu for the first few turns of a fight to force them to always choose summon spells instead, then once you hit a critical mass you turn 'allow attack spells' back on and let the manastorming begin.

Then again I was doing that on a Ring -- they don't even have a summon undead spell, but even then they're better off relying on summons than trying to fight lategame uniques with their 600 maxhp and 250-damage darkness storms.

I still have that character alive on DL99 actually... I guess i ought to finish it up before I update to 6.00.
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