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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Those commands actually work for you? Every time I try it, go kill stuff gets translated as stare at the wall because you've forgotten how corners work.
Exactly! Summons do very stupid stuff if you tell them to seek and destroy.

And with telepath and detect monsters... it is not kind of what I want from my army. I want them to do something like "ok, guys, go in that direction, if you see any monster or group, just freaking wipe everything, and let me kņow when you are done". But in reality right now I must open the door first, where orcs already waiting for me and as soon as I open the door I get hit in my face, and my army meanwhile wandering behind me doing no good. No wonder why playing as necromancer is almost no fun at all.

And also, it seems that summons are unable to walk on ladders and follow me on the next level.. :face_palm:
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