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Edain builds

I only won once with an Edain, with a rather lopsided stealthy build (1/4/0/3). Other than that I had some success with 2/3/3/0 and 3/2/3/1 (both House of Hador) for fighters, but never even came close to winning. I hate low perception and will, however. Triggering all traps, having to bash open closed doors etc.

Looking at elliptic, he seems to go with 2/2/3/2 fairly regularly and with success. So I settled for this, but I am quite uneasy with the low dexterity that isn't compensated with high strength and charge bonus (as it is when I play low dexterity Naugrim) Is it the equivalent to the Noldor 2/4/4/4 for Edain, available to all houses, very flexible and sufficiently strong? I always thought I need a more "extreme" distribution to succeed, either more strength or more dexterity to produce anything working in the long run.

And despite my comments on violet molds I am not actually comfortable to play fighters without constitution of at least 3, which you can expect to raise to at least 4 with suitable equipment, but which severely limits your choices at the start.

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