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3 2 3 1 is fine, but apparently even 4 2 2 1 works Of course much of the initial strength came from charge and flanking, I am not so sure about survivability as a brawler without the implicit flanking bonus (dodge +3 and free attacks).

Currently I wonder about the House of Beor.

I try to make an archer, but my attempts with 2 3 1 3 tend to fail too early to be very enlightening. Unlike fighters where heavy melee / evasion investment can overcome low stats archers don't even have a bow a start and tend to need a shopping list of abilities and skills early on, before settling on something. While Noldor and Sindarin archers can rely on the first forge, a Beor archer needs to invest some points before being able to conquer even the first forge... Thoughts? Different stats? Different builds? Beor seems to be the hardest of the houses.
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