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41st recall: i foolishly head down with only two Heal ...


The Mouth Of Sauron. Caught in a vault without a lot of space, i slow him three times and melee him from inside a rune, blink twice, cast 2 more runes, and he finally dies, having summoned a single Black Reaver.

No drops.


i descend right in the Tarrasque's face, and Tele Self. There are still a bunch of uniques alive that i don't feel like taking on just now.


level feeling 4-6, just passing through.


see, normally i would just keep recalling until i find most of the artifacts, through greater vaults, or until i find enough uniques stuck in greater vaults. It's much easier to kill, say, ancalong, when he's got impassable walls all around him.

For this occasion only, i will risk it and go for the kill.


a decently sized vault, which i can see because i blow a !Enlight because i dont want to waste time when Sauron is around.

And sure enough, he shows up, but i teleport him away.

I get to the vault, MBan, and Glaurung shows up. I Haste and then walk past him (he's awake and chasing me), hide into a recess, so i dont have to fight his summons, and rune down.
I land a stun with my first Shock Wave, and maul him good. He breaks my run, i re-stun him and lay another one.

He starts doing the dance, every other step moving out of sight, and i quaff a CCW every time. I land two more stuns, and he still hasn't summoned anything.
And while i'm fighting him, Ancalong (who was sleeping in the vault) joins his .. dad?

I melee him once more, and lay a third rune, which costs me a !mana. I TO Ancalong when i have a chance, and finally "The Father of Dragons" dies, having summoned 1 great wyrm, 1 ancient dragon, and 1 ethereal dragon.

I start going through the items in the vault, when Carcharoth shows up. I lay a rune, fight him a little, when he breathes first fire, which breaks my rune with a pool of fire, and then he breathes a massive breath which forces me to TO him.

Ok, whatever i needed to do here, it's done. I recall and prep for the last two fights.

I dont need to kill these guys .. Huan, i don't know how it went so easy. generally, he rips me apart. But Tarrasque, Carcharot, Vecna, are all morgoth-level fights. Sauron is much easier than any of these.
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