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42nd recall ...

i'm still missing something. I want to get my dangerous resists covered, but can't because my pieces do not fit together.

I also have no weapon over 400 dmg for Sauron, and even worse, 290 dmg vs Morgoth.

I make an epic decision, swap out my bow of lothlorien for the crossbow, and i bring in the ring of archery pwng i found earlier. My DEX drops to 150 but everything else is fairly high.

Also, i have no bolts at all ..

i recall, and it's a cave level. No bolts at all. No mobs.

i chicken out and recall again.

43rd recall:

i just pray and return to the dungeon.


i find THE ARTIFACT i have been waiting for. A scale mail with two major resists that i need .. i might be able to do this, after all.

but no bolts ...

44th recall. really, i need some bolts. is it too much to ask for? not like Holy Might or anything, just some plain old bolts ..


finally a nice big vault. i find some bolts, and realize my ring of +2 Shots does not do much with my 4x crossbow.
i swap back to my bow.

last recall for sauron.

DL99: two vaults, i plan to raid them both before i take on The Sorceror.

The first vault, isn't a vault, but a graveyard. i MBan it, but nothing there.

I make my way to the greater vault, and find Cantoras, The Skeletal Lord, sleeping.
I lay down 4 runes, and prepare to rest and wake him, but Sauron shows up .. i TO Sauron, and test my 700 dmg/ round bow on him. It goes decently well.

I have to TO out The Phoenix and Vecna, but eventually i clear the vault .. nothing much in it.

Well, i find a Balrog pit, MBan it, and Sauron shows up .. no time like today, uh?

I lay down 4 runes and buff myself, then quaff a !mana. Here we go.

First good news, Sauron CAN be stunned. pfft, weakling. He fights me for a short while, then blinks.

Vecna, seeing his buddy in trouble, join in and stays behind. I find that my bow works very well and i nuke him.

I move around the dungeon and Suron shows up again. He has an uncanny healing speed, and on top of that, when he's down to 80% he summons. Now, Sauron knows how to summon, not like Glaurung or whatnot. He summons The Tarrasque and Huan. i TO the Tarrasque, but Huan breathes fire (i am immune) and .. they get stuck. I blink, but they do not follow me.

I lay down more runes than it's reasonable, and dig a hole to them.

He fights me for a while, i dump a ton of arrows into him, and he finally blinks.

Huan realizes he's supposed to be fighting, and tries to attack me, but i say no and teleport him away.

i walk around to entice Sauron, and he comes at me in a corridor .. i think maybe this is a good time. i dump all my arrows of Holy Might in him, and finally, with my LAST arrow, he screams an unearthly scream, and explodes in a million fragments.
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