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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
i was curious, what is it that you do, aim wand, drain the whole pack, then Greater Recharge? do you use rods of drain life as well?

because .. aside from the fact i thought morgoth was not drainable .. he's not really "living", as in biological, anyway, doesn't this process destroy a few wands here and there?

also, you are carrying 1 more book, a stack of wands, possibly two (drain life + annihilation), maybe rods .. !healing, *healing, restore mana, mapping, heal rods, you don't really have much slots left .. for anything.
Yep, use wands until they're empty, then recharge 'em. They'll blow up sometimes, so you need a backup, but they're a great source of damage while they last.

And why would you need space for stuff? You're not planning on picking up any loot, are you? It's the final fight!
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