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Have not had much time for Zangband recently, but have started Suicide back up today where he left off.

And for my first dungeon (he was on level 12 recall), I get told as the level feeling "I don't like the look of this place".

Well, before I even got that feeling, I had to defeat a Giant Fire Ant. No problem, he went down pretty quick (though taking me down about 70 hp) after burning a couple Phase Door scrolls and my High Mass (?!) book.

I then research for kicks, what level it was. To my HUGE surprise, level 48?!?!?!

Three notes of interest. 1) My level 20 character who has offense per round of 56, and a fair melee, was able to kill it fairly easily. AC of 80, 117 HP (lost 3 con total from TY curse). 2) Level 48 monster must be REALLY rare for level 12 dungeon depth? (though I'm the same one who found Cyberdemons on dungeon level 20) 3) Why am I getting told "I don't like the look of this place", when the level is full of level 48 Giant Fire Ants?! Granted, everything else on this level has not even been level 12, but still. Just odd.

On the bright side, the level is full of water, which they can't cross. So even when I had 3 coming at me, I was able to dispatch one at a time due to water blocking (and putting one to sleep). And they are giving 345 xp apiece.
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