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Hello Narry,
Nice artifacts
Just one quesion.
Overweight 218.9 lb
Speed 14 (2.4x)
Maybe I overlook something but I don't see Morgoth's drop in your inventory, so you went with speed < 30 into the final fight? That's an unnecessary risk.
And you are carrying:
180 Scrolls of Phase Door
40 Scrolls of Satisfy Hunger + 25 Pieces of Elvish Waybread
3 Rods of Speed (1 charging) + 70 Potions of Speed
135 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds (+ 25 Potions of Healing + 59 Potions of *Healing* + 11 Rods of Healing)
And this after the fight. I would have certainly dropped all the Satisfy Hunger scrolls and some of the CCW + PD to gain some speed, even if I had 20 base speed.
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