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I think the fact you are even considering this is a testament to the fact you've added value to this game. I've not been on the server much but I do appreciate being able to play variants and dev versions that would otherwise require me to learn how to compile or not even be possible on a Mac.

I don't really know the economics of what you are suggesting, but my uninformed guess is that you'd need to expand beyond just Angband variants and sell this as a small homegrown Steam alternative for lots of different games. Alternatively, maybe partner with a for-profit game developer who wouldn't mind their online server hosting their game as well as the Angband universe. Heck, run ads on the home screen and give premium memberships for people who don't want to see those. My uninformed guess is that there is just not enough of an *active* online player base to justify a full time programmer who is only providing a vehicle for existing Angband games.

I don't know if I'm a average/modal player here, but I'm a pretty casual gamer. I don't have a steam account, I don't have a console, and haven't bought a PC game since Civ 4. I threw a few bucks towards Dwarf Fortress, and to DarkGod when ToME 4 started to take shape.

Part of the allure of Angband for me is that it started as a free thing, and has been maintained by the sweat and love of many volunteers. I'll let my opinion be informed by how they feel about your plan. I'd understand if they are uneasy about someone making money off of their sweat and love, but it's not my place to put words in their mouth.

If being employed at full time is not in the cards, you might see whether you could propose a more modest budget that would be enough to keep you engaged for a few hours/week while you deal with school and real life. This is not a game for people without patience, and I think that applies to development as well as gameplay. We have been trained not to be in a rush, and waiting while contributors work around their RL is not a big deal.

Regarding your goals, I think ladder integration would be most exciting to me. I feel like the wiki could/should be a community project and I'm not really sure how your salary would fit in.

Good luck on your exams!
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