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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Have you considered a Patreon?
In a roundabout way this is about testing the waters of the idea. Whether by Patreon or by other means, the concept of collecting an income for work *around* angband is the same. I will consider whatever comes of this thread as to whether there will be a choice to make and if so, what to decide.

I consider it unlikely that such a thing could come to fruition, but I'm not entirely confident that it would be impossible either. So I invite discussion.

Originally Posted by bio_hazard
Part of the allure of Angband for me is that it started as a free thing, and has been maintained by the sweat and love of many volunteers. I'll let my opinion be informed by how they feel about your plan. I'd understand if they are uneasy about someone making money off of their sweat and love, but it's not my place to put words in their mouth.
Not to disgregard this objection; I would certainly abandon the idea if expressly forbidden by a current or former maintainer, but angband would remain free. I would not serve ads or sell premium accounts (besides an optional username decoration for those who donate). I did not mention my own variant in the OP since any work I do directly on that must also remain free, but rather I would be seeking an income for developing a platform to facilitate the continued existence and diversity of the angband family. But perhaps this is a pedantic distinction.

Originally Posted by bio_hazard
I feel like the wiki could/should be a community project and I'm not really sure how your salary would fit in.
As above; designing and maintaining the wiki and parsing data files for automatically generated pages would hypothetically be my job. The content would come from the users, as do the games themselves.
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