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Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
Updated Gervais? From which tileset did you start? The regular one? Because there is an UT32 version much more complete. Looking forward to your changes, since in a near future I'm going to rework the monster list for PWMAngband and I'll have to do the same work.
I started with the file that's distributed with Angband 4.2.0. I thought about changing to Tangaria’s tileset but was concerned about variants that may want to copy things from Vanilla. So I ended up copying about 16 of Tangaria’s tiles and modifying the graf-dvg.prf and xtra-dvg.prf files. Unused images in the Vanilla tileset covered some of the additions.

After wasting too much time trying to work with Photoshop I ended up writing a couple of Python programs, one to break the tileset into individual tile images and one to rebuild the tileset. I'd be glad to post them if anyone is interested.
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