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Originally Posted by ewert View Post
So, been years n years since I last melee'd the big M. Probably already way overkilled with my consumables and so forth, just curious what sort of melee dmg/round do people usually go for with melee kills nowadays?

My current +11 *evil* MoD gives me about 630/rnd, which sounds pretty darn good already, so probably won't bother farming for better after I finish off the uniques, but curious what seems to be an "easy" farm heavy *evil* in current version of game?
That's pretty good to be honest - anything over 500 / round will suffice for a warrior versus Morgoth, provided you have enough !*Healing* and a few scrolls of banish / MB. If you don't have STR/DEX/CON sustained then bring along some !Life and / or mushrooms of Vigor.
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